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Chapter 3: Colonial America An ImageLink below is provided (as is) to download presentation Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold licensed shared on other websites without getting consent from its author.Chapter 3 Powerpoint Notes. Virginia's government ran a corrupt regime. Good, free land was scarce for freed servants. Taxes on tobacco rose as prices fell. Frontier settlers demanded that the governor remove the colony's Indians to open up land for colonies, that there is a reduction of taxes, and that there is an end to rule by the elite. chapter 3 colonial america powerpoint

Chapter 3 Powerpoint Chapter Three Colonial America King Philip II, the powerful ruler of Spain wanted to put a Catholic ruler on the throne of England. King Philip II did not consider Queen Elizabeth of England the rightful heir to the English throne because she was a Protestant and not a Catholic.

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Free Haiku Deck for PowerPoint AddIn. Ch. 3 Colonial America. Share. Copy. Download. 0. 408. Published on Dec 03, 2015. No Description. View Outline. MORE DECKS TO EXPLORE. Chapter 3: Section 3. Middle Colonies. Photo by bill barber. 18. England and the Colonies. In 1660, England had 2 groups of colonies: 1. NE colonies run by private

Chapter 3 The English Establish 13 Colonies 3 Chapter 3 Overview Overview The chapter discusses the English colonization of North America and the leading individuals who took part in settling the colonies.

OUT OF MANY A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Chapter 3 Planting Colonies in North America 1588 1701 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. 1 Part One Introduction 2009

Colonies to Empire, C. The Glorious Revolution in England and America 1. In England overthrow of Catholic James II replaced by Protestant William and Mary Declaration of Rights (constitutional monarchy) Whig versus Tory John Locke's Two Treatises 2. Rebellions in America MA overthrows Andros NY Dutch rebel under Leisler MD Protestants overthrow proprietary

Chapter 3 Colonial America. Section 2 New England Colonies. Section 2Polling Question. A B. Have you and a friend ever disagreed so much on an issue that you considered ending your friendship? A. Yes B. No. Essential Question. Slideshow by eli

EARLY COLONIES Chapter 3 Lesson 1. MYSTERY OF ROANOKE In 1584 Queen Elizabeth of England gave Sir Walter Raleigh the right to claim land in North America. Chapter 3, Section 1 Roanoke and Jamestown. 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh was given the right to claim land in North America

Life in Colonial America Chapter 3. and the latest fashions. lace cuffs. The differences between social ranks could be seen in colonial clothes. Gentry men and women wealthy enough to hire others to work for them. Gentry (gentle folk ) wore wigs. and manners. Colonial Society Chapter 3. houses.

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Chapter 3: Colonial America PowerPoint Presentation, PPT DocSlides Section 1: Early English Settlements. England in America. Queen Elizabeth gave. Sir Walter Raleigh. the. right to claim land in North America. Sent his expedition to look for a place to settle. and scouts chose Roanoke Island. ID: ID:

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