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2020-01-19 21:53

International Dialing Codes for Long Distance Calling. Search for International Country Codes used for long distance calling. Our Search box allow you to find all international country calling codes available and the specific phone area code. Phone country code directory is constantly updated. International area code lookup will be fast andCountry Calling Codes was founded in 2000 as a free resource to find telephone area codes and is now used by millions of users. We provide fast and accurate information on how to dial internationally from the USA, Canada and every other country in the world. Telephone country codes, international area codes, and reverse lookups are provided for every country in the world, in addition to the international dial code america

321 rows  United States telephone code 1 is dialed after the IDD. United States international dialing

International dial code america free

27 rows Complete resource on how to call the United States of America: country code, area codes and more international calling info

This way, you wont have to add these details every time you make the call. In short: Dial the international exit country code (or replace it with on a mobile device) Add the US country code (1) Add the US area code from the list below. Complete with the local phone number.

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How to call United States from Ireland: 00 Ireland exit code to dial first when calling international. 1 US country code must be dialed next. 00 1 Area Code Local Number Overall dialing code

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