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Bank of America Practice Solutions is a division of Bank of America, N. A. back to content Bank of America Practice Solutions makes no express or implied warranties with respect to any aspect of the Practice Heartbeat program, nor does it guaranty any success or promise any results, and hereby disclaims the same to the extent allowed by law.We did one in med school through Bank of America, but instead of zero down, we took a 2nd mortgage for the required 15 down on the primary loan. Perhaps not the best idea in hindsight. Then we bought our second home in residency with a local bank in that area with zero down and no 2nd loan. bank of america physician mortgage program

Bank of America Practice Solutions provides loans and financing for doctors and medical professionals to start or expand their practices. Whether you are a dentist, veterinarian or general physician we are here to help you start your practice.

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Bank of America Launches its New Doctor Loan Program. Loan amounts up to 850, 000 95 LTV (5 down required) While most physicians will be able to secure 95 financing through Bank of America, certain housing situations will require more money down. Factors like housing type, geography and declining markets may cause down payment amounts

For your nearest Bank of America mortgage loan officer, call (800). Firsttime home buyers can also gain valuable information on the home buying process as well as other loan types by visiting

Oct 12, 2014  Mortgages for PhysiciansMortgages for Physicians. Bank of Americas physician mortgage program will make the loan up to 60 days before the applicant starts a new job, according to Tim Owens, the national retail sales executive. The program is part of a strategy for deepening relationships with physicians by selling them a variety of services,

Physician mortgage loans have the highest interest rate, but its locked in. The ARM has a better rate than the 30year physician mortgage, but the rate becomes variable after seven years. The conventional 8020 offers the best rate on the primary mortgage, but the second mortgage

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Fifth Third Bank is Here to Help. New Doctor Loan Program is ideal for licensed Interns, Residents or Fellows in medical residency or scheduled to begin residency within 90 days of closing on a new home, or who have completed residency within the last 12 months and have started working for a hospital or physician group.

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