Top 10 most corrupt cities in america

2020-02-22 16:23

Feb 15, 2019 A new report from The University of Illinois at Chicago has shed light on the most corrupt Judicial Districts in America and surprise, surprise, Washington D. C. isn't in first place. That dubiousPhotos: The top 10 mostcorrupt cities in the US. Michael Tercha, TFW Chicago Tribune. Since 1970, four Illinois governors have been convicted of corruption including Rod Blagojevich who was found top 10 most corrupt cities in america

While the report focused on the 5most corrupt cities in America, its worth noting that other surveys have also identified the other 5 top cities. Below is the entire list of the top 10 most corrupt cities in Americadid youre city make the list?

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If you go by federal corruption convictions, Cleveland ranks in the top 10 among all U. S. cities since 2000. A giant haul came following the Cuyahoga County scandal, in which 60 politicians, contractors, and other officials found themselves convicted of various crimes.

10. Kansas Global perspective: In 2013, the United States scored a 73 out of 100 (0 was the worst, 100 was the best) in Transparency International 's ranking of the most and least corrupt

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The 10 Most Corrupt Countries, Ranked By Perception. Russia the world's largest nation, which has been accused of election meddling and Olympic doping makes an appearance at No. 8, and Kenya and Guatemala round out the top 10.

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