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For six whole months the capital essentially became a gigantic concentration camp, a festering sore on South Americas backbone. 8 His Secret Police Excelled At Cruelty Lelia Prez had her first runin with Pinochets secret police (the DINA) at the age of 16.Feb 11, 2016  In the future we plan to look at the worst dictators of every continent, except Australia and Antarctica, but for now though weve put together a list of the 5 worst South American dictators dictator in south america

Paraguay. Conservative (sometimes described as farright) Colorado Party in Paraguay ruled the country for 65 consecutive years, including the Americansupported brutal dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner that lasted 35 years, from 1954 to 1989. Paraguay is one of the poorest countries of South America.

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Bolivia: The Hugo Banzer Dictatorship, . Torres killing was part of Operation Condor, an unholy alliance of fascist forces and military juntas whose stated goal was to eradicate any type of Marxism in South America. Pinochet, Guzzetti, Banzer, Bordaberry and Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner were all participants in the program, which the CIA enthusiastically promoted.

In recent times, probably Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay. He was probably the most repressive of the latter day dictators. Corruption was rampant (Stroessner himself did not dispute charges of corruption at some levels in his government) and Paraguay's human rights record was considered one of the poorest in South America.

Tim Brown refused to sign a lying US government document. John Heelan comments: I applaud Tim's principled stand on the matter, it was extremely brave of him considering the US history of supporting rightwing dictatorships in Central and South America in support of American commercial interest in those countries (such as mining companies and United Fruit), such as:

A military dictatorship is a dictatorship wherein the military exerts complete or substantial control over political authority. North and Central America South America

Dec 10, 2006 Augusto Pinochet ( ) was a Chilean dictator born in Valparaso, Chile. A career army officer, he led the military coup overthrowing the Allende south of Lima, Peru. Created by the

Rafael Carrera, Pig Farmer Turned Dictator. Central America was largely spared the bloodshed and chaos of the struggle for Independence that swept Latin America from 1806 to 1821. Once free from Mexico in 1823, however, a wave of violence spread across the region. In Guatemala, an illiterate pig farmer named Rafael Carrera took up arms,

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Latin America experienced a dramatic political change in the last quarter of the twentieth century. At the onset of the socalled third wave of democracy in 1978, the only democratic regimes were Costa Rica, Colombia and Venezuela.

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