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How can the answer be improved?U. S. States By Size. The top three largest states in size are Alaska, Texas, and California. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US by land area, while Delaware is the second smallest, and Connecticut is the third smallest. All state population figures are drawn from largest to smallest states in america

62 rows Area by region. All regions presented below are as configured by the United States Census Bureau. Alaska is the largest state by total area, land area, and water area. It is the 19th largest country subdivision in the world. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the contiguous U. S.

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The states and territories included in the United States Census Bureau's statistics include the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five permanently inhabited unincorporated island territories, including Puerto Rico. . As of April 1, 2010, the date of the 2010 United States Census, the 9 most populous U. S. states contain slightly more than half of the total population.

South America is a continent of great variety, and that also goes for its countries, with the largest occupying a land area close to the size of the entire United States including Alaska, and the smallest country on the continent around the size of Wisconsin.

The 5 Smallest States in Land Area. Rhode Island1, 034 square miles (2, 678 square kilometers) Rhode Island is only 48 miles in length and 37 miles wide (77 x 59 kilometers). Rhode Island has over 384 miles (618 kilometers) of coastline. The highest point is Jerimoth Hill in Foster at 812 feet (247. 5 meters).

Water area. Total United States 685, 924 264, 837 7. 00 Alaska is the largest state in total area, land area, and water area. Despite being the second largest state, Texas is only 40 of the total area of largest state, Alaska. Montana is larger than every state it borders; only Alaska and Wyoming have a lower population density.

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States by Size in Square Miles. The land area of the entire United States is 3, 531, 905 square miles. Alaska is by far the biggest state you could fit Rhode Island (the smallest state) into Alaska several hundred times, yet Rhode Island has a significantly larger population according to the U. S.

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By area, the largest is Alaska and the smallest is Rhode Island; by population, the largest is California and the smallest is Wyoming.

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