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Feeling Reverse Culture Shock in America. My twoweek vacation in America was a soulrefreshing celebration of life with my best homeland friends, tying up loose ends, and the revival of a volatile longtime romance. Like a blurred time warp, Im in my PRC home again, unscathed physically, butExperiencing Reverse Culture Shock: America to China Shiyu Ma January 2, 2018 As a Chinese undergraduate student, I have spent more than four years in the U. S. , so I am used to the American Culture: the way to behave and the way to think in this country. reverse culture shock in america

If anything, true culture shock would occur if I were to ever try to reintegrate back into American culture. Id feel like people arent speaking my language, even if they are speaking English. I never thought Id experience reverse culture shock.

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The reverse culture shock of the American lifestyle was jarring after living in Finland. When we moved to Finland in January of 2017 for work, we epitomized the typical American family. In the midst of the corporate rat race endeavoring to live the dream.

Aug 10, 2017 Which leads me to my first experience of reverse culture shock, that strange phenomenon when you return after having spent a long time away from home. I had tickets to fly from Prague to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Minneapolis, and Minneapolis to St. Louis.

Reverse culture shock had already set in. As summer nears its end, its the time of year when many will come back home from their travels to kick off the new academic or professional year. And after the new, challenging, and enriching experiences youve had abroad, learning how to readjust to your home country may take a surprising amount of practice and time.

Reverse Culture Shock. The idea of culture shock is talked about all the time. The idea is that we have become so set in on you ways of life in our particular part of the world that when we head out to a different of the world with a different culture, a different way of life, that we will feel a sensation of shock.

Reverse Culture Shock A Return to North America 12. talking to people whom I have no idea what theyre saying so I just smile and nod and say yeah or si and then receive a confused doglike head tilt in return Anyway, well be heading to FLA, and NC, then up to ONT and over to BC for some house sitting gigs for the next several months. As

Reverse Culture Shock Overview. This section will discuss reverse culture shock the psychological, emotional and cultural aspects of reentry. While the phenomenon of culture shock is increasingly well known (and relatively well prepared for in the foreign affairs community), reverse culture shock is not as recognized and understood.

Jul 08, 2017 One day back in America, already experiencing some reverse culture shock. Reverse culture shock having to adapt back to life in your home country after spending a significant amount of time in

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What is culture shock? The intangible feeling of elation, frustration, confusion and, eventually, acceptance. While Im no stranger to culture shock, Id never exactly experienced the infamous reverse culture shock too intensely while visiting America in the past.

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