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South America climate varies widely due to the sheer size of the continent, its geographical location, winds and ocean currents. South Americas climate is dominated by relatively warm regions, yet the continent can generally be grouped into 4 zones, tropical, cold, dry and temperate.Map with links to climate information for countries in South America south america climate zone

South Africa. Average temperature, rainfall and snowfall information is available for the following climate stations in South Africa

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Dry Climate zones and Midlatitude climate zones. The two climate zones covering the majority of South America aretropical and temperate. Tropical climates are referred to asmegathermal, while temperate climates are called mesothermal. i think it is 10: 30 hhahaaa iidk In Central America, the climate zone varies.

Northern Brazil is crossed by the Equator, so in much of the country (which is located south of the Equator), the seasons are reversed in comparison with Europe or North America. In the tropical zone, the rainy season is almost always the austral summer.

Factors influencing climate. The ITCZ is responsible for the seasonal character of precipitation in South Americas extensive tropical wetdry climatic zone. The trade winds of both hemispheres converge between the subtropical anticyclones of the Northern and

Current Local Times in South America. Find current time, weather, sun, moon, and much more

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Climate of South America. . A menu that caters to every taste. Buenos Aires weather can get unbearable hot and humid during summer, not the ideal time to visit if you can avoid it. In general terms, the climate of South America seems to be more benign and pleasant during shoulder seasons: autumn and spring.

Climate. The South Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ): The SACZ controls rainfall in the southern subtropics and extends southeastward from the large continental convective zone of tropical South America. It is generated by moisture convergence between the South Atlantic high pressure zone and the continental thermal low pressure zone.

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South America has a wide variety of climates. They range from the dry desert conditions of northern Chile to the heavy rains along the windswept southwestern coast of the continent. Steamy heat characterizes the tropical rain forest of the Amazon basin, while icy cold

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